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An Introduction to Fast Fashion

What is fast fashion and why does it matter? Take a step into the real world and learn about the effects of the new trend “fast fashion.” Get familiar with which brands specialize in this clothing and over time learn how to avoid them.

The Environmental Cost of Shipping: A Brief Explanation

America’s obsession with fast shipping is no secret, now more so than ever. You could purchase a whole wardrobe without having to step a foot out of your house- sometimes getting your delivery within the same day. The question is: Is the environmental impact that comes with shipping worth saving you one trip out the house? 

Why are brands shifting to more sustainable packaging?

A common topic in the realm of sustainability is sustainable products, and although product sustainability through both resources and production is imperative- there are other equally important factors that are less talked about. Product packaging plays a huge role in the ecological footprint of any company.

Top Environmental Problems in US Right Now- Carbon Emissions

The environment’s wellbeing goes hand in hand with sustainability- as many ecologically related topics do. We know that all living things depend on natural resources provided by Mother Earth… so what is happening in the world of carbon emissions, and what role is America playing?

Climate Change: A Take on Corporations Vs. People

What role do corporations play in the category of sustainability? Is their advocation of sustainable lifestyles a form of hypocrisy, or are they truly trying to save the world one step at a time?

Sustainable Beauty: Explained

What does “sustainable” mean in beauty? The rise in false advertising makes familiarizing yourself with the definition imperative; in order to spot fake labelling.

Top Environmental-Activist Celebrities to Follow

With the rise of environmental activism and social media, celebrities have become increasingly involved in the productivity of sustainability and have grown their platforms through embracing more green activism. Here is a list of MY top environmental activist celebrities.

World Environment Day

What is World Environment Day? How did it come to be? What are it’s impacts? Every question you have about World Environment Day- answered.

What is a Green Club?

Eco clubs in schools empower students to participate and take up meaningful environmental activities and projects. Learn more about how to start and grow your own Green Club.

Make Earth Day Every Day

Every Earth Day we vow to change our lives for the better and set ourselves on a more ecological path. Rather than promising drastic changes, here are some simpler alternatives for your daily life that can end up making a huge difference.

Best Ecological Ways to Dispose of Dog Poop

Plastic pollution has been on a steady increase. Not only can you stop this trend through switching to sustainable methods in your own life, you can switch to sustainability for your pets too! Check out the simple ways through which you can make a big difference.

Did Covid-19 Increase Fashion Sustainability?

As 1 year of the pandemic hits, here is a look on how fashion routes have changed. Have consumers switched to sustainable brands or have they indulged in more fast fashion? What impacts did Covid-19 have on the fashion industry?

What is Greenwashing?

Growing interest in sustainably produced garments has also started a trend in the fashion industry, known as “greenwashing.” What is greenwashing and why is it important to address?

Carbon Neutrality in the Fashion Industry

One of the biggest issues causing climate change are carbon emissions, specifically created by the fast fashion industry. Learn about Carbon Neutrality, which brands have signed on to more ethical processes and the productivity of this upcoming movement.

Gender Based Abuse in the Fashion Industry

Each fast fashion factory relies on unrelenting systematic gender-based violence and harassment, and the rate at which these grievances occur make it a normal situation for the workers. Read more about the gender biases in the fashion industry.

Make Your Holidays More Sustainable

Christmas is coming up, and along with loads of presents, decorations and excessive food, it’s the perfect time to celebrate sustainably. It is not difficult to enjoy Christmas in a more eco-friendly way, from choosing a sustainable tree, to ethical Christmas gifts; here is a list to guide you through your journey to a more ethical holiday season. 

Water and Fashion: RiverBlue Summary

RiverBlue brings awareness to the destruction of some of the world’s most vital rivers through the manufacturing of our clothing, but will also act as a demand for significant change in the textile industry from the top fashion brands that can make a difference.

How to Make Your Diwali More Eco-Friendly

Learn about environmental impacts of the celebrated holiday, Diwali. Simple solutions with outstanding outcomes.

How To Fall In Love With Your Wardrobe Again

Contrary to common misconception, wearing the same clothes does not have to be boring or uninspired. Experimenting between different styles in your own wardrobe can heighten your own love for fashion, while being the most sustainable option. There are different ways to fall back in love with your closet. By following these steps, your wallet won’t be the only one thanking you; rewearing clothing you already own is one of the highest forms of ethical fashion and reducing your footprint. 

Plastic Inside Your Clothes: The Impact and Solution

A new problem arising from the usage of plastic in clothing, are the tiny microplastics (microfibers). When garments are washed in the washing machine, and the water is later disposed of, the microfibers get released into the environment. Read about the impact and what you can do.

Alex James: Slowing Down Fast Fashion Summary

Alex James, Blur bassist turned cheese maker, presents this critical look at our disposable approach to clothing and it’s enormous human and environmental cost. Far from predicting the apocalypse, Slowing Down Fast Fashion seeks to provide solutions. By talking to designers, activists and high street brands, the film shows that there is a wide ranging and ever growing thirst for change.

5 Trendy & Ethical Shoe Brands

When speaking about the fashion industry, footwear may just be one of the more wasteful and unethical materials of production. Read about some trendy and sustainable shoe alternatives.

Consumer Sentiment on Sustainable Fashion During Covid-19

McKinsey & Company sent out a survey to gain information on customer sentiment on the topic of sustainable fashion. In April of 2020, the survey was conducted on more than 2,000 individuals, all stemming from different age groups, to gather a variety of data. 

5 Eco-Friendly Celebrities & Sustainable Red Carpet Looks

Learn about which celebrities speak out about sustainable fashion and see how they have made the move to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle, while still being fashionable.

Best Affordable + Sustainable Fashion Brands

For those who choose the oath of a sustainable lifestyle, but are unsure where to start and which brands to purchase from! Here is a list of my top 5 sustainable fashion brands, ranging from athletic apparel to contemporary dresses to night suits! You can find everything you need here.

How Fast Fashion Attracts Teens

Teenagers may be a majority of consumers who purchase from Fast Fashion companies. Why are they attracted to this industry, and what are some ways to stop participating in this endless cycle?

Where Do Your Clothing Donations Go?

Giving away your used clothes seems like an easy enough, eco-friendly idea, right? You get to clear out your closet, get rid of clothes you no longer wear, and give someone else a chance to use it. Alas, your intentions are good, but this is not the process most Goodwill donations follow every time. Learn about clothing donations and the lives they lead before ultimately find themselves in landfills.

How Fast Fashion Kills The Planet

You know fast fashion is “bad,” but do you really know how terrible it is? Read specifically about fast fashion and it’s environmental effects on the planet.

The Truth About Leather

Learn about the production process of leather, and the environmental side effects. Take a look at this material, known for it’s ability to live long, and the non-ethical process behind it’s production. Make a switch to more eco-friendly alternatives!

Why Choose Reusable Face Masks?

In light of recent events, it would be important to dedicate an article of my blogs to Covid-19. Learn the difference between disposable and reusable masks, and make the switch to reusable masks today!

Choose Ahimsa Silk

Silk is a popular, durable and eco-friendly material- so why not take an even further step and choose Ahimsa (Peace) Silk! Learn about the benefits of using this new, upcoming fabric in the world of sustainable fashion.

9 Sustainable Fabrics To Be On The Lookout For

It is important to keep in mind what type of fabrics are being used in your clothing. Clothes made from fabrics that are created through the usage of natural energy can have an overall better long term effect. Here is a list of 9 upcoming, eco-friendly, popular fabrics to add to your wardrobe.

Essential Vs. Nonessential Items During Covid-19

Learn the difference between essential and nonessential items to purchase during an international pandemic.

5 Tips For a Sustainable Closet

Here are 5 easy tips on how to direct your lifestyle on a more eco-friendly path. You can change small things in your life to live more sustainably. Here are some tips and tricks that I have been inspired by. They are easy, quick and beneficial!

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