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Rethinking Our Approach to Recycling

In this article, published in December 2019, Nidhi Tandon (Non-profit Director, social entrepreneur and Primary Education Consultant) explains the issue of the lack of social and ecological awareness of waste from production and selling of unnecessary goods, that leads to an apathetic attitude towards deposing the waste. She brings insight to impulse buying, especially during the holidays, and the unnoticed impact that grows as a result.

“We proudly place our brightly colored recycle containers by the curbside for the weekly collections feeling the satisfaction of a responsible citizen and our environmental consciousness. Often times we are oblivious to the fact that a majority of curbside, single-stream collection never reaches the intended recycling center… when we are exposed to the indelible images of the Great Pacific Garbage dump, we willfully turn a blind eye to the ravages, as we are convinced that since we are not a contributor to this problem, we owe no obligation to be any part of the solution” (Tandon). This article will open your eyes to the plain truth, the world begging us to step up and make a difference.

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Sustainably Chic

Here, Natalie reviews sustainable and eco-friendly fashion brands, in addition to sharing her own tips and tricks on how to live a more sustainable life. Be sure to check out Sustainably Chic’s Sustainable Brand Directory. It is organized in different categories for easier navigation and is full of great ideas!

Sustainable Brand Directory

Sustainably Chic | Because Fashion Can Exist Responsibly

Going Zero Waste

Kathryn started Going Zero Waste after a health scare, which prompted her to start her journey of living sustainably. Filled with tips, and informative pieces on things like finding your very own zero waste community, this blog has all the tools you’ll need to start living more sustainably, just like her. She focuses more on living sustainably through actions and every day items, compared to clothing but still covers the essential topics.

Going Zero Waste

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