About Me


Hello! My name is Anya. I started Let Clothes Live Long when I was 15 years old and a freshman in highschool. Spring break of my freshman year clashed with the 2020 corona virus outbreak in America, which had actually begun to reach heights two weeks prior. All the schools shut down, and this gave me time to think.

As I spent my days in my house, I read reports about how everyone else was also locked up, and while we were inside, fearing the virus and human contact, Mother Earth was healing. Earth’s Ozone layer mending and pollution levels were decreasing. The world basically shut down for a month, and the planet was already on its way to recovery. However, I came to realize that it should not take a global pandemic for the world to get a chance to heal. 

Our planet gives us everything, and rather than taking and taking, it’s important to give back too; so the following generations have something left. 

There is a simple way for us to accomplish this. It will take large numbers, dedication and time, but one answer to this is Sustainability. An idea that will solve a fraction of issues, but exponentially grow over time and guarantee eventual, worldly success.


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