Why Choose Reusable Face Masks?

In light of recent events, I thought it would be important to dedicate an article of my blogs to Covid-19. For the past three months, the citizens of America have been quarantined, and all social life was encouraged to stay alive virtually. Schools and offices changed their curriculum and took on the idea of virtual learning, therefore encouraging the practice of staying indoors. Restaurants were closed down and public places such as parks and malls were empty. For the rare occasion when you would have to go out, you could not go anywhere without a mask. For people who had jobs which still required leaving the protection of their house and physically being in the workplace- chances of getting affected by Covid-19 were much higher. These people had to wear masks every day, and the sudden rise in usage of masks caused a near wipe out of face masks in all stores. 

Wearing a mask is imperative, but it is also important to keep in practice of using eco-friendly masks. This translates to dropping the use of disposable masks and switching to reusable masks. Switching from disposable masks to reusable masks will not only lessen the threat of coronavirus spreading to oneself, but will also lighten the load of trash, therefore, helping the planet. 

Why Choose a Reusable Face Mask?

Reusable Face Masks Last Longer

Some reusable face masks contain a plastic filter shield, which would be secured to a silicone face mask. Together the filter and the shield can last 2 years.  The plastic filter shield holds the filter cartridge which can be replaced over time. Even masks without the filter cartridge and shield last much longer than disposable masks and are more durable. This allows for a longer life and more usage to get your money’s worth. 

Reusable Face Masks Save Money

A reusable face mask in a lower-risk environment can be reused a number of times, with no limit, as long as it is properly disinfected after each use. Reusable face masks which require filters due to their use in higher-risk environments can save a great deal of money as well.  A reusable mask with a single filter is equivalent to 20 disposable masks. Although the initial price of reusable masks are higher than that of the disposable ones, the mask will pay for itself very quickly once you consider how many disposable masks it replaces. 

Reusable Face Masks Put You At a Lower Risk of Being Infected

Disposable masks require a lot of adjusting, due to the cheap quality. Every time you adjust your mask, you are touching the outside of the mask which is protecting you from all the germs. Once your hands have been in contact with the germs, they can unknowingly touch your face and the germs will be absorbed, therefore only putting yourself in more harm’s way. The outside of each mask is dirty and is likely contaminated, and while reusable masks will be sturdy and allow you room for breathing without difficulty, disposable masks simply cause more distraction. 

For those concerned for the outward appearance, reusable masks can also be personalized and fit for one’s personal taste. In addition to reusable face masks being sold in stores, another way to let your clothes live long, is by making your own face masks. Take any old piece of clothing (make sure it’s clean!) and re-vamp it so it can be turned into a face mask.

You can sew your own mask, and donate them to the hospitals that are in need of them. Here is a list of locations that are accepting hand-sewn masks. If you are bored and have time during quarantine, make sure to check it out!

How To Make Face Mask Donations

Check out this website to learn how to sew your own face mask:

How To Sew Your Own Facemask

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