Consumer Sentiment on Sustainble Fashion During Covid-19

McKinsey & Company | Global management consulting
All statistics in this article are derived from McKinsey Survey& Article

When the Coronavirus was hitting new heights, McKinsey & Company sent out a survey to gain information on customer sentiment on the topic of sustainable fashion. In April of 2020, the survey was conducted on more than 2,000 individuals, all stemming from different age groups, to gather a variety of data. 

Following the spread of Covid-19, sentiment toward the fashion industry changed. Consumers began to notice the environment impact the fashion industry had growth to have, and how the Earth benefited from the virus. For some time, clothing demand lessened, giving the planet a break. There was less wastage and less creation from the factories themselves. According to the survey, two-thirds of consumers believe that limiting the impact on climate change is imperative, and 88% believe that more attention should be paid on reducing pollution. (McKINSEY SURVEY)

Additionally, the pandemic has pushed people to to change their behavior to reach sustainability goals. 

It is also important to note that consumers have begun to pay heavy attention to the social and environmental effects clothing companies have. Maintaining ethical connections is vital for a company to be deemed trustworthy. 

Purchasing behavior has also seen a shift. Consumer spending on fashion is decreasing, and this is having major environmental responses. More than 60% of consumers spend less money on clothing as a result of the pandemic, and about half are expected to continue this trend even after the pandemic passes. Additionally, as a result of Covid-19, 65% of survey responses state that those consumers are planning on purchasing more durable items. 71% of respondents say that they are planning on using the clothing they already have for longer. (McKINSEY SURVEY)

Finally, the acceptance and usage of second-hand clothing has increased. Around 50% of Gen-Z and Millenials are planning on purchasing more second-hand clothing. 

The overall analysis of this survey proves that simply changing your mindset can have a large impact in the long run. The occurrence of a global pandemic has pushed consumers to think more thoroughly, therefore getting more promising solutions for the future. 

“Consumer sentiment suggests that the COVID-19 crisis could serve as a reset opportunity” (McKINSEY SURVEY).

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