Choose Ahimsa Silk

Silk is a generally utilized material in the top of the line attire industry. Considered an extravagance texture for its non-abrasiveness, wrap, and sheen, silk likewise has breathable and warm properties (keeping you cool in the late spring and warm in the winter) settling on it an extraordinary decision for an assortment of clothing things. Ethical brands use silk in their attire lines consistently rather than manufactured, synthetic materials.

How is normal silk made?

Once silkworm breeders have harvested silkworm cocoons, they usually expose them to high heat to prevent the mature worms from emerging. Some animal rights activists protest this practice; they contend that it’s possible to harvest silk without killing silkworms. The intact cocoons are boiled, and during this process the silkworm dies. This is where the idea of Peace Silk comes in. 

Ahimsa (Peace) silk is a silk that is bred and harvested through non-violent processes. This allows the silkworm to complete metamorphosis in order to allow it to reach completion and turn into a butterfly. This encourages the idea that no animal should die in the name of fashion. Once the silkworm leaves the cocoon, the empty cocoon is then used to produce silk. 

Silk is considered to have a very low water footprint and has almost zero percent waste, and is biodegradable within only a few years, a much better option compared to synthetic materials which take hundreds of years. 

“By bringing silk production back to local regions of the world experiencing drought and poverty like Meghalaya, a country in the north-eastern region of India, we can help create a new livelihood for women and their children while generating a larger market for natural peace silk” (O’Brien). The production of peace silk will not only be beneficial for the environment, but also provide new opportunities for regions living in poverty by proving to be a source of sustainable income. 

In addition to the obvious positive environmental factors, peace silk is also extremely durable. Despite the myth that it is a fancier fabric that only requires dry cleaning, it can actually be machine-washed or hand-washed. The only possible downside are wrinkles that may form during the drying process- but these can be steamed out and this is a very simple process.  

Peace silk is full of positive factors, pertaining to the environment, the material’s sustainability and duration and the quality of the fabric against the skin. Make sure to check it out and always be on the lookout for more sustainable versions of your everyday materials!

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