Where Do Your Clothing Donations Go?

Giving away your used clothes seems like an easy enough, eco-friendly idea, right? You get to clear out your closet, get rid of clothes you no longer wear, and give someone else a chance to use it.  You plan to drop your clothes off at a donation center, where someone else buys them, therefore prolongingContinue reading “Where Do Your Clothing Donations Go?”

How Fast Fashion Kills The Planet

On a daily basis, people aim to have “looks to die for” or a “fashion sense that kills”- usually unaware that some types of fashion do just that. Regarding fast fashion, these pieces of clothing are literally killing the planet. The amount of clothes factories are pumping out and the amount of waste that goesContinue reading “How Fast Fashion Kills The Planet”

Why Choose Reusable Face Masks?

In light of recent events, I thought it would be important to dedicate an article of my blogs to Covid-19. For the past three months, the citizens of America have been quarantined, and all social life was encouraged to stay alive virtually. Schools and offices changed their curriculum and took on the idea of virtualContinue reading “Why Choose Reusable Face Masks?”

9 Sustainable Fabrics To Be On The Look Out For

When clothes shopping, it is important to keep in mind what type of fabrics are being used. Clothes made from fabrics that are created through the usage of natural energy can have an overall better long term effect. Clothing production involves the usage of unsafe chemicals, freshwater shortages, overbearing energy consumption, and the eventual overfillingContinue reading “9 Sustainable Fabrics To Be On The Look Out For”

Essential Vs. Nonessential Items During Covid-19

The Corona Virus outbreak has impacted every life on the planet. People are living their lives under a new set of rules and are stopped from doing basic things that were previously openly allowed. Covid-19 has also shined a light on the difference between essential and nonessential items, as there are now restrictions in storesContinue reading “Essential Vs. Nonessential Items During Covid-19”

5 Tips For a Sustainable Closet

5 Easy Ways to Make a Change to Sustainable Fashion  Currently, the majority of the world is living through a global pandemic. While being locked up in our homes, forced to stay in a shelter-in-place position, there are always more ways you can change small things in your life to live more sustainably. Here areContinue reading “5 Tips For a Sustainable Closet”

An Introduction to Fast Fashion

Since the 1990’s, many popular clothing companies such as Zara, H&M, and Forever 21 have begun to take part in the infamous trend, known as “Fast Fashion.” What is Fast Fashion? The fashion industry and its impact on the environment has become an increasingly larger problem.  Every year the world as a whole consumes moreContinue reading “An Introduction to Fast Fashion”