SCOTUS Limits EPA Powers to Repress Carbon Emissions

EPA Rundown Associations like the EPA have managed to hold our major polluters accountable, ensuring America stays within its limits to reach UN SDGs and comply with COP21. On a specific note, the EPA has kept our air clean through enforcing the Clean Air Act preventing 230,000 early deaths and boosting our economy with theContinue reading “SCOTUS Limits EPA Powers to Repress Carbon Emissions”

New Jersey Bans Plastic Bags in Stores

In November of 2020, Gov. Phil Murphy signed the plastic bag ban into law. This barred grocery stores from giving customers single use paper and plastic bags, and placed penalties into effect for those who violate the order. Single-use paper carryout bags are allowed to be provided or sold, except by grocery stores equal toContinue reading “New Jersey Bans Plastic Bags in Stores”

How is Deforestation Caused by the Fashion Industry?

When we talk about Fast Fashion’s environmental impact, I’m sure the first thing that comes to mind is the waste pollution associated with the clothing production. However, right beside the climate footprint is the deforestation footprint caused by this industry.  First, it is important to note the importance of forests. They are responsible for lifeContinue reading “How is Deforestation Caused by the Fashion Industry?”

Fashion Industry’s Impact On Biodiversity

We know about the fashion industry’s impacts in relation to climate change, with the abundance of pollution, resource usage, and wasteful creation/disposal tactics. On a more specific note, apparel production plays a huge role in biodiversity disruption, from habitat loss to direct field sports. According to an article by McKinsey, “Apparel supply chains are directlyContinue reading “Fashion Industry’s Impact On Biodiversity”

How is fast fashion culture exaggerating the effects of plastic pollution?

The general picture that comes to mind after hearing “Plastic Pollution” probably consists of plastic bottles and bags clustered together on roads, waterways and neighborhoods. While these everyday plastics do fit the description, plastic pollution does not solely describe garbage visible to the naked eye.  Different industries release different forms of “microplastics”- defined as “fragmentsContinue reading “How is fast fashion culture exaggerating the effects of plastic pollution?”

Noise Pollution in the Fashion Industry?

The fashion industry is known for its poignant impacts regarding the environment, particularly when we talk about emissions. Water wastage and disposal are the most frequently visited subjects, so today I’m here to talk about a less known, but equally bad sector of the industry: noise pollution.  To build an empire within the world ofContinue reading “Noise Pollution in the Fashion Industry?”

NJ Beekeepers Association Visits EB Save Club

We’ve all heard “Save the Bees” almost the same amount of times we’ve heard “Save the Turtles”- but let’s take a moment to really talk about the impact bees have on our ecosystem. Being a keystone species, they play a critical role in pollinating our crops and generally being an important factor in almost everyContinue reading “NJ Beekeepers Association Visits EB Save Club”

Is Carbon-Capturing Clothing Possible?

The Green Revolution in the 1950s made way for numerous sustainable projects on the basis of reducing carbon emissions and air pollution- which were at the highest levels ever seen following World War 2. As technology advanced, by the time we reached the 70s, scientists were able to trace disastrous climate reactions to the heatingContinue reading “Is Carbon-Capturing Clothing Possible?”

Top 5 Online Thrift Stores

We know that thrifting is one of the most effective strategies to lessen your environmental footprint and avoid fast fashion. Thrifting online brings both sustainability and convenience to the table. Rather than having to search through materials to ensure eco-friendly creation- you can be sure that simply buying from these sites already sets you onContinue reading “Top 5 Online Thrift Stores”