Is Halloween An Excuse to Buy Fast Fashion?

Short answer, no. There’s never an excuse to buy fast fashion with the wear-it-once mentality.  The most recent trend we’ve seen lately, regarding Halloween costumes, is buying a whole new set you’ll wear one time and then throwing it out or donating it because it can’t be reworn. This creates a multitude of problems, startingContinue reading “Is Halloween An Excuse to Buy Fast Fashion?”

Biodiversity and Fast Fashion’s “Positive” Feedback Loop

First, to define biodiversity, it’s the variability of life on Earth. The different kinds of life you will find in an area is classified as biodiversity. To go back to the importance of the food web, each element in an ecosystem plays a huge role, and for one to be forcibly changed will alter theContinue reading “Biodiversity and Fast Fashion’s “Positive” Feedback Loop”

Sustainable Stars at the 2021 Met Gala

With the sustainability trend growing on the red carpet, it’s no surprise that this year’s Met Gala was full of eco-conscious looks. The 2021 theme was “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion,” so we saw a wide range of looks- varying from political statements to old-hollywood. This year was also the first to offer anContinue reading “Sustainable Stars at the 2021 Met Gala”

What is H&M’s Fashion Resell Program?

The first question to be asked: Is H&M fast fashion?  According to Google, “H&M is the world’s second largest fast-fashion business, meaning it offers thousands of new items every week which encourages waste that ends up in landfill. The business model encourages the rotation of fashion trends and new garments, which in turn encourages theContinue reading “What is H&M’s Fashion Resell Program?”

The Environmental Cost of Shipping: A Brief Explanation

America’s obsession with fast shipping is no secret, now more so than ever. You could purchase a whole wardrobe without having to step a foot out of your house- sometimes getting your delivery within the same day. The question is: Is the environmental impact that comes with shipping worth saving you one trip out theContinue reading “The Environmental Cost of Shipping: A Brief Explanation”

Why are brands shifting to more sustainable packaging?

A common topic in the realm of sustainability is sustainable products, and although product sustainability through both resources and production is imperative- there are other equally important factors that are less talked about. Product packaging plays a huge role in the ecological footprint of any company. Creating a net-zero product but shipping it in bubbleContinue reading “Why are brands shifting to more sustainable packaging?”

Top Environmental Problems in US Right Now- Carbon Emissions

The environment’s wellbeing goes hand in hand with sustainability- as many ecologically related topics do. We know that all living things depend on natural resources provided by Mother Earth, and if humans continue their current ways- the world will be closer to destruction than ever before, simply in the matter of a decade or two.Continue reading “Top Environmental Problems in US Right Now- Carbon Emissions”

Climate Change: A Take on Corporations Vs. People

Disclaimer: This is one side of the take on the debate between corporations and people. The relationship between the two is different for each sector, and is rapidly changing. With the effects of our climate disaster becoming more widely felt around the world, the institutions with the most potential to mitigate the crisis have beenContinue reading “Climate Change: A Take on Corporations Vs. People”

Sustainable Beauty: Explained

What does “sustainable” mean in beauty? Because of the rise in false advertising, it’s important to get familiar with the definition of this term and be able to spot fake labelling. Essentially, it means that everything the company is doing regarding that product is not harmful. The materials, production and distribution would all be doneContinue reading “Sustainable Beauty: Explained”

Top Environmental-Activist Celebrities to Follow

Over the past few years, the trend of becoming more environmentally-conscious has grown. Advocation for more sustainable lifestyles is regularly seen and is always regarded positively. Because of this, the number of celebrities in this field has also begun to rise. Another word for celebrities is “influencers,” because these individuals have the power to influenceContinue reading “Top Environmental-Activist Celebrities to Follow”